Why Walnut?

Walnut Technology Group was founded on the belief that by focusing on providing a superior customer experience, this will create a long-lasting customer relationship.

Many technology companies are extremely focused on sales and marketing but lack the necessary back office and support resources.  Because of this, we have seen some companies have an unfavorable experience with outages, downtime, and billing as well as unsatisfactory support issues.  

At Walnut Technology Group, our goal is to become an extension of a company’s IT and Telecom departments to help eliminate these issues.  We start by conducting a thorough analysis of the applications and goals of an organization. Our next step is to carefully research service providers to determine the best solution and provide the best pricing to our clients.  We then assist our clients in the negotiation of contracts, terms and conditions, as well as compiling the order details to submit to the telecom and/or technology company. The next step is the coordination of the implementation with the telecom and/or technology company, the IT vendor/dept, and the voice vendor/dept to ensure everyone is on the same page for the test/turn-up of the circuit(s) or the technology solution.  

Our support resources after the sale, implementation and turn-up are also another reason to utilize Walnut Technology Group. We act on the customers’ behalf to escalate trouble tickets for outages and service interruptions to ensure that trouble tickets are being handled by the telecom/technology company.  

After the 1st Bill is issued, we also review this with our client to ensure billing accuracy and work with the telecom/technology company on dispute resolution.  We work with the telecom/technology company if they need to issue credits for any inaccurate billing.

We realize that our clients’ voice/data telecom and technology solutions are critical for them to operate their businesses. This is why many companies have chosen Walnut Technology Group to provide telecom as well as technology solutions for their businesses

Who We Are

Walnut Technology Group is a dedicated team of technology and telecom professionals that help businesses identify the best technology solution for your organization.  Many on our team have over 10-15 years of experience providing solutions for clients.  We have partner relationships with a wide array of technology providers (cloud, telecom and IT providers that allow us to provide pricing, support and billing assistance for our clients). 

Because Walnut Technology Group does not technically “work” for the providers, it can represent multiple solutions providers and therefore can maintain a “consultative” approach to the way we work with our customers.  Our only real concern is that the solution is the “right one for the needs of our customer”

What We Do

Walnut Technology Group is a Technology Solution Consulting Firm who focuses on the supplying voice/data telecom as well as cloud technology solutions for our clients.  Our process starts with the discovery of the applications and goals of our clients to determine the best solution and recommendations based upon those needs. We have extensive experience in complex network solutions for Voice, Data, VoIP, Cloud, IaaS, DaaS, audio and web conferencing, managed solutions, disaster recovery, and hosting solutions.  Our direct relationships with our partners create a beneficial relationship for our clients

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To provide value for our clients through extensive support, impartial consulting and strong relationships while offering technology and telecom solutions that are beneficial for our clients.

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Discovery, planning, negotiation, implementation and management for complex voice, data and technology solutions for our clients.

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Our relationship with our clients is critical to our success; the majority of our business comes from referrals.


Christopher J. Iovane

Christopher J. Iovane

Principle/Senior Technology Consultant

Chris is a Senior Technology Consultant with Walnut Technology Group, a global technology consulting firm, who has more than 600 clients in more than 30 states.

He advises his clients based upon their applications and goals by recommending the solutions that are most appropriate in meeting their requirements.  His focus on developing strong relationships to ensure client satisfaction has resulted in many clients that have benefitted from his services for over 10 years.

As a top technology consultant, he has also been recognized by many of his partners by providing an outstanding experience for many of his clients.

In the technology industry, his experience starts in 1999 helping clients with technology as well as voice and data telecom solutions.  Clients include a large restaurant franchise, hospitality management companies, a national Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as well as many others.  

Chris is originally from New York and moved to Boulder, CO in 1993.  His initial foray into the business world started when he was 13 years old delivering newspapers where he learned from an early age that ensuring his clients’ happiness will enable him to be successful.  Chris enjoys his free time with his wife and daughter as well as riding the numerous mountain biking trails in Colorado.

Laurie Anne Reed

Laurie Anne Reed

Director of Compensation

Laurie was born in the Los Angeles, CA area and moved to Colorado in the 1980\’s.  She went to school at University of Colorado-Boulder.

Laurie started working in the business world for homebuilders such as Richmond American Homes, Kaufman and Broad, now KB Homes.  She successfully closed out several properties and was promoted several times for her attention to detail and customer focused attitude.

Her telecommunications experience was as a Client Account Manager at Qwest, now CenturyLink, where she successfully managed over 400 clients for them.

Laurie enjoys spending her time with her daughter Bella as well her orange tabby cat, Viggo

Michele Freeman

Michele Freeman

VP of Sales and Operations

Michele is originally from Nebraska and has lived on Colorado since 1972.  She has lived all over Metro Denver, Western Slope and resides in Northern Colorado

Michele started her career in telecom in 1995 with MCI and has over 11 years in the conferencing industry and over 12 years working with Channel Partners and almost 20 years in the industry

Michele has successfully managed both mid size and global accounts through her career with her main emphasis on the customer and doing what is right

Andy Finney<br /><span style="color: #808080;">In Memoriam</span>

Andy Finney
In Memoriam

Senior Technology Consultant

Andy has almost 20 years of experience in the dynamic and fast paced Telecom and Information Technology space.   During this time he has helped numerous companies understand how leveraging new technologies can help their business grow and run more effectively.    Andy enjoys the diversity of working with all types of businesses from professional sports organizations to specialty private practice medical offices,  and everything in between. Integrity, commitment, and trustworthiness are the standards by which he operates and the foundation under all the long term relationships he has forged with his clients

Andy has always been an active member of the tech community.  He was one of four founding members of the Colorado chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners.  He is also an active participant in many other technology organizations both locally and nationally. Andy enjoys being connected to companies that innovate and challenge the business world to lead and not follow.

Andy grew up in Minnesota and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and family (2 sons and a daughter), playing and coaching ice hockey, skiing, and taking in live music at one of the many incredible venues along the front range of Colorado.

Andrea Turner

Andrea Turner

Sales Operations Manager

Operations is Andrea’s self proclaimed “Happy Place”. She finds joy and fulfillment in puzzles, problem solving, and project management. Andrea is naturally drawn to helping others, and lives by a “See a need fill a need” philosophy. With over 10 years of experience in project coordination, administration, and sales support, Andrea takes great pride in her role and will always be a kind resource to turn to. Andrea has extensive experience with commercial customer support, service administration, training, and technology support. Over the years she has helped numerous companies find creative tech solutions for communication in applications such as emergency dispatch, call centers, office buildings, and remote teams. 

Andrea is a mother of two teenagers, and a turtle lovingly named Salmonella (Ella). She avidly enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and yoga. Andrea was born and raised in Texas, and won’t shy away from using “Thank Y’all” in her emails. Being raised in Austin, she has a great love for live music and tacos. She moved to Denver in 2015, and has been enjoying the state’s beauty ever since.

Monica Stegal

Monica Stegal

Sales Operations Administrator

Bio coming soon…

Frequently asked questions 

  • Walnut Technology Group’s focus is in line with what our customers are trying to accomplish, which is to cut costs and create efficiencies.  

    Direct sales teams from telecom and technology companies get paid on a one time basis for each sale, their focus is to sell you something so they can meet their quota and keep their job.  

    They are NOT compensated on an ongoing basis for the management of the account unless there continues to be a new sale made. Once the sell is made, there is a snapshot of the total revenue associated for that sale. The sales person can only be compensated if that revenue continues to grow.  If the revenue is written down because the pricing needs to be adjusted, the sales team takes a big hit to their compensation. Sales people are not driven to lower pricing which puts them in direct conflict with what customers are so often trying to do. The old adage… salespersons’ behavior is driven by their compensation plan is so true. This is why you see a lot of energy around a new sales team trying to win “new business” but not the same energy level around incumbent sales teams trying to “maintain” business.  

    Walnut Technology Group is compensated on a residual basis to keep you a happy customer so this revenue stream does not go away.  

  • Our customers trust us!

    They see us as their partner. We see this as the single largest measuring stick for true value.

    In addition to the points made above, Walnut Technology Group can provide value added resources and services (at no charge) to the account team that are not usually available with a direct team. It does need to be said that because of the depth of all Walnut Technology Group’s partner relationships, Walnut Technology Group can truly be a one stop shop for its customers. This creates real efficiencies from a support perspective.

    Here is an example of Walnut Telcom’s resources and services:

    • Technology Audit
    • Voice and Data telecom network inventories
    • Network Infrastructure inventories
    • 24 x 7 Repair Support
    • Billing Audits against the contracted rates
    • Simplify issues by providing our customers with a one-stop shop for all telecom/technology company needs.
    • Dedicated support specialist for all account support issues
    • Quarterly Pricing and Technology Update- Mandated best practice for Walnut Technology Group personnel.
  • Our expertise working with many telecom and technology companies allows us to have a better understanding of the solutions available for our clients and how they will meet their requirements.  We are not trying to “sell” you products or services to meet our quota or keep our job. We actually do not have any type of “sales quotas” with any of our partners so we can provide objective advice to our clients.

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Dan M Park

I’ve purchased services from Chris for more than 10 years.  Both before he founded Walnut and now from his new company.  He’s a trusted advisor to my company, knows our business and brings us solutions that add value and save money.  I appreciate Chris sales approach as he teaches as he sells.  Key technologies areas we’ve purchased include VoIP services for over 10 years, Internet access with both QOS and BGP, audio conferencing systems and POTs lines.  We’re now looking at the new managed services offerings that Walnut has added to its service portfolio.  Thanks Chris for making my job just a little easier!

Dan M. Park