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Southwest Generation is a rapidly growing privately held energy company based in Denver, Colorado, that is building a diversified portfolio of natural gas-fired power generation assets.  

 Southwest Generation employs a strategy of improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing the overall value of power generation assets. Their clean, efficient gas-fired generation assets are flexible and responsive to the integration of wind and solar generation resources, providing reliable regulation for renewable technologies.  Southwest Generation has facilities located in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.

 Southwest Generation was having severe issues with voice quality, service interruptions and unresponsive support from a major telecom provider in Denver that was providing “Hosted VoIP/PBX” services for them.

 Walnut Technology Group Group was referred to Southwest Generation by one of our clients that we already assisted in the implementation of “Hosted VoIP/PBX” services for.  

 After a conversation about the requirements, applications and goals that were important to Southwest Generation, Walnut Technology Group Group assisted in the negotiation of agreements to provide a “Hosted PBX” solution. 

In the fall of 2013, Walnut Technology Group Group along with Momentum Telecom implemented the “Hosted PBX” solution for Southwest Generation.

Southwest Generation is extremely satisfied with the full suite of features and support that is provided from Momentum Telecom

Walnut Technology Group is a direct channel provider for Momentum Telecom to provide “Hosted VoIP/PBX” solutions for our clients.

About Momentum Telecom

Momentum Telecom is a leading business communications provider that offers smart, customizable cloud PBX solutions to direct subscribers and more than 300 independent cable operators, municipalities, VARs and MSPs nationwide. As the industry’s most reliable provider, Momentum delivers superior voice quality backed by a geo-redundant network with 100% uptime. Founded in 2001, Momentum now powers over 80,000 voice lines providing customers with the flexibility and telecom-grade services needed to move their business forward.

Momentum provides an expansive product suite that includes hosted VoIP, broadband management, SIP trunking, contact center, collaboration tools and unified communications services.



Smartwire, based in Denver, CO, designs and installs the latest in data and voice communication networks, including VoIP and wireless. In 2010 they were in the process of moving their corporate offices to a new location and needed the assistance of Walnut Technology Group to determine the voice and data telecom solutions that were available for them.  

Smartwire deals with large engineering files and requires a dedicated internet connection to facilitate the transferring of these files. After reviewing the solutions from numerous telecom/technology companies, a decision was made to implement a Cable Broadband solution from Comcast Business and an ISDN PRI solution from Integra/Allstream.  Walnut Technology Group assisted in the coordination of the voice and data vendors for the installation.

“Having Walnut Technology Group provide their expertise in determining the solutions that would meet our goals was extremely valuable”, states Drew Wolfe, President of Smartwire.

About Smartwire

Smartwire is a Denver-based cabling services and support company that crafts intelligent solutions for clients’ data and voice networking needs. We effectively partner with architects, general contractors, and space planners to ensure that all networking requirements are fulfilled on schedule and within budget, across any number of offices locally, regionally, or worldwide. Smartwire’s expertise is focused on data centers and tenant-finish assignments, as well as resolving day-to-day data and voice cabling network issues. In data centers, our solutions help manage client demands for capacity, accessibility, and flexibility. While working with tenant finish clients, we balance unique networking needs with cabling, power, and technology options while accounting for space challenges in new-builds and renovations. Created in response to demand for a service-oriented data and voice network firm that could handle both large and small cabling projects with the same attention to detail, Smartwire today remains proud to turn over installations and projects of all sizes to our clients.

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Ryan Ploger

As an IT consultant, I am focused on worrying about how my clients’ data network services are working, and cannot always keep abreast of current telecom trends and offerings. When I have a client who needs to introduce, add or change telecom services, I will always call Chris immediately–with no exceptions! Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that he is the only resource I need when it comes to finding the right telecom services at the right price for my clients. As a result, I no longer waste my or my clients’, time trying to find the right telecom solutions, and I am able to deliver even greater value because of his services. He provides some of the best after-the-install support and provider support access I have experienced in the industry. Since adopting Walnut Technology Group as my only go-to telecom consultant, my client satisfaction surveys have improved considerably.

Ryan Ploger
IT Consultant