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Technology Audit and Analysis

Walnut Technology Group has found that many new clients are currently overpaying for technology/telecom services.  We provide a thorough audit and analysis to help our clients understand the current costs they are incurring, as well as the contract terms and any termination liability for cancelling.  This “inventory” allows us to have a more detailed understanding of their current technology/telecom scenario.

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Cloud Consulting and Analysis

Walnut Technology Group also has experience with clients who are trying to determine should they upgrade legacy server and data center equipment or look at migrating to the “cloud”.  Our capabilities entail providing a TCO analysis to determine which solution will meet your requirements from the most cost-effective position.

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Contract Negotiations

Our telecom expertise allows us to follow the current pricing trends in the ever changing telecom industry.  Many of our clients do not have the time or resources to review the options in contract negotiation which is why they have relied on Walnut Technology Group

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Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP) is a process we utilize to ensure our clients receive the best pricing possible from the chosen telecom/technology company.  Our RFQ/RFP writing services allow us to provide our clients detailed analysis of the telecom/technology solutions that are available to meet their applications and goals.


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Project Management

We provide back office and project management services to help your clients coordinate the installation of their technology/telecom services.  Our project management resources coordinate everything from the technical details that are needed to place the order to installation of the local loop as well as scheduling the vendors that are necessary for the cutover of the new circuit.

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Ongoing Account Support

Once a client has services installed, our job is not complete.  We are also actively involved in reviewing the 1st Invoice from the telecom/technology company, known as the 1st Bill Review to ensure the contracted services match up with the invoice received by our customer.  We also are actively involved in the escalation of trouble tickets, support issues and SLA Credits for outages


Frequently asked questions 

  • We have completed extensive research and due diligence with our suppliers to ensure their organization will provide the best solution for our clients as well as support their needs.

    This process also includes:

    • Solution Analysis – what is the solution provided by the supplier?

    We take time to learn about the solutions our vendors are offering, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are. Many times we uncover a specific technical application that will meet a client’s requirement. We have also seen some vendors have an advantage or disadvantage in their solution vs. their competitors.  By having a more comprehensive understanding of the solution, it allows us to see where they will be a good fit for our clients

    • Support Analysis/Escalation Procedures – what are procedures for placing trouble tickets to resolve issues?

    We provide all of our clients a Customer Support Contact Info (CSC) with our consultant’s info as well as our Director of Sales Operations, Michele Freeman, in addition to the Support and Repair contact info for the vendor.  Because of our relationship with our suppliers, we also receive executive level escalation contacts when repair and support issues are not adequately resolved.

    • Implementation and Project Management– does the supplier have team members that are competent with a strong knowledge base of their solution?

    Many suppliers are so focused on new sales; they do not have a process in place to adequately deliver the solution to our clients.   We have developed strong relationships with our suppliers’ project management teams and work alongside them to ensure the installs go smoothly.   This is also a result of having our project management team heavily involved on all of our client installs

    • Pre Qualified Suppliers –By completing comprehensive research on all our suppliers, Walnut Technology Group is able to provide a better experience for our clients vs. a traditional direct sales relationship.  In essence, our suppliers are “pre-qualified” which provides additional assurance for our clients. Our clients also see the benefit of not having to deal with direct sales teams that are “making promises” to make the sale, so they can hit their quota.  At Walnut Technology Group, we have no “sales quotas” with any of our suppliers. This allows us to provide objective advice on the solutions we recommend.
  • Our customers trust us!

    They see us as their partner. We see this as the single largest measuring stick for true value.

    In addition to the points made above, Walnut Technology Group can provide value added resources and services (at no charge) to the account team that are not usually available with a direct team. It does need to be said that because of the depth of all Walnut Technology Group’s partner relationships, Walnut Technology Group can truly be a one stop shop for its customers. This creates real efficiencies from a support perspective.

    Here is an example of Walnut Telcom’s resources and services:

    • Technology Audit
    • Voice and Data telecom network inventories
    • Network Infrastructure inventories
    • 24 x 7 Repair Support
    • Billing Audits against the contracted rates
    • Simplify issues by providing our customers with a one-stop shop for all telecom/technology company needs.
    • Dedicated support specialist for all account support issues
    • Quarterly Pricing and Technology Update- Mandated best practice for Walnut Technology Group personnel.
  • We help simplify technology and telecom to provide an exceptional experience for business clients

  • We help simplify technology and telecom to provide business efficiencies while having providing an exception client experience

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Dan M Park

I’ve purchased services from Chris for more than 10 years.  Both before he founded Walnut and now from his new company.  He’s a trusted advisor to my company, knows our business and brings us solutions that add value and save money.  I appreciate Chris sales approach as he teaches as he sells.  Key technologies areas we’ve purchased include VoIP services for over 10 years, Internet access with both QOS and BGP, audio conferencing systems and POTs lines.  We’re now looking at the new managed services offerings that Walnut has added to its service portfolio.  Thanks Chris for making my job just a little easier!

Dan M. Park