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Ryan Ploger

As an IT consultant, I am focused on worrying about how my clients’ data network services are working, and cannot always keep abreast of current telecom trends and offerings. When I have a client who needs to introduce, add or change telecom services, I will always call Chris immediately–with no exceptions! Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that he is the only resource I need when it comes to finding the right telecom services at the right price for my clients. As a result, I no longer waste my or my clients’, time trying to find the right telecom solutions, and I am able to deliver even greater value because of his services. He provides some of the best after-the-install support and provider support access I have experienced in the industry. Since adopting Walnut Technology Group as my only go-to telecom consultant, my client satisfaction surveys have improved considerably.

Ryan Ploger
IT Consultant